Each piece in THE SERIES is…

- one of a kind

- handmade in New York

- created of only renewed and reworked existing materials

- seasonless

- genderless

- super transparent in the creation

- a multi-medium wearable collage

- a celebration of diversity

- for all beings

each piece in THE SERIES made entirely of existing and renewed materials. they are to be styled and worn during all seasons and do not follow or subscribe to fleeting trends. our one-of-a-kind garments are created in only a few vintage inspired silhouettes that are meant to last and be worn again and again.

one size doesn’t fit all. one size fits differently. no garment in THE SERIES is designed for a specific body. there is no right way to wear any piece. jeans can be worn without a belt or cinched at the waist. frocks can fall below or above the knee. playsuits can be loose or form fitting. every body is perfect and if a piece of clothing makes you feel happy and protected and honored, then it is doing its job.


each piece of clothing in THE SERIES is created for all beings. there is no womenswear or menswear. there is humanswear.

dressing is an art as well as a really compelling and sincere form of expression. there should be no limits or judgements on what can or cannot be used to aid one’s exclamation of who they are.