Introduce youselves and tell us what you do!

We are KANN, a family-run business made up of twin nieces, Camila & Bianca, and their aunt, Maya. Maya, who brings over 20 years of experience in art, fashion, knit, and crochet, is a psychologist, music therapist and visual artist. Bianca is a visual artist and mental health researcher. Camila manages Deaf and Disabled Talent and performs in theatre. Our focus lies at the intersection of arts, mental health, and community. We believe in the therapeutic potential of creativity. 

We are based in São Paulo, Brazil, the vibrant art capital of South America.

What's the story behind your crochet pieces?

KANN originates from Maya Kann's decades-long business in artistry, inspiring her nieces to join the venture and re-vitalize it. Noticing the potential of glasses as an everyday accessory, we developed crochet pieces for glasses, offering a versatile accessory to adorn any look, and bringing playfulness and style to everyday wear. Our crochet pieces for glasses aim to add versatility to any outfit and advocates for individual expression.

Our journey began with a desire to elevate the value of women's handmade and domestic labor that have been historically invisible and undervalued. We strive to empower low-income women in our community by supporting their craft and economic independence. We hope to keep alight the tradition and sustainability of artisanal skills and slow fashion.

Who is your role model?

Inspirations are key in our journey, and within KANN, we find our role models right among us. Aunt Maya serves as a creative beacon, guiding us towards self-expression and artistic exploration. With her as our muse, we have embraced creativity, individuality, and the freedom to express ourselves artistically.

What makes you optimistic about the future?

A positive shift towards sustainable fashion practices gives us hope for the future. The growing awareness around conscious consumption, including trends like thrifting and supporting independent slow fashion brands like ours, indicates a promising direction for the industry.

Thank you so much for the interview and letting us get a glimpse into your space, Katie!

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