Artists Making the Slogan “Dump Him” Fashionable

We seriously can’t get enough of this trend.


JULY 4, 2019

Florence likes to think she’s added fuel to an already established movement that is tongue-in-cheek, hoping to inspire women to ask themselves whether the men they’re dating are really adding value to their lives. But Florence isn’t the only person putting forth “dump him fashion.” Ella Wiznia, the founder of The Series, a genderless vintage brand based in New York, has been selling upcycled vintage jeans with the phrase “just dump him” and a swoosh embroidered across the butt.

Ella believes that one of the “most effective ways to disrupt an accepted and expected notion is through humor.” Taking anywhere from six to nine hours of labor to create, she hopes these jeans are inspiration for a wearer, or an observer, to “recognize their own worth, and exercise their ability to empower and stand up for what they need or deserve.”

Though Ella makes a point to say that the jeans aren’t directed toward or made for any one gender identity, sexual orientation, age, etc.: “The ‘him’ doesn’t have to mean a certain person, the message can be taken literally or as a reminder to shed the people, messages, thoughts, or ideas that hold you back from blooming into your most happy, loving, accepting, individual self.” Not only do we appreciate the cheeky take on Nike’s most famous slogan and the look of colorful embroidery on vintage denim, we also stan the deeper message.

Beyond these two independent creatives, the Internet is chock-full of miscellaneous “dump him” products, including mugs, pins, caps, and other T-shirts that more closely replicate the one that Britney originally wore. It’s only a matter of time before the movement becomes even bigger and we see mass retailers like Zara and H&M making their own versions.

The next time you want to wear your heart on your sleeve, or empower yourself and your friends to seek what you deserve romantically, consider wearing a “dump him” piece of clothing. As actor and writer Carrie Fisher once said, “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”


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