The love child of a vintage house coat and a shift dress. This article can be worn with the zipper in front or back. Both allow for full use of the pockets (yes, pockets!). There is no right length to where the hem should fall, nor a correct way that it should fit a body. This garment was not designed for a specific gender or body. 

FABRIC DESCRIPTION: Bright pink and yellow dahlias, cosmos, anemones, etc. sretch synthetic fiber.

PATTERN: Made in New York

CONSTRUCTION: Sewn in New York

GARMENT DIMENSIONS: 15” across (shoulders) 38" (bust), 36" (waist), 40" (length)

because the fabrics used to construct this jacket are vintage and have lived a previous life , small imperfections are normal and add to the originality and magic of the piece.

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we list the dimensions of each top to better help you find the perfect one for you. if you do not know your exact measurements, use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your chest, waist, etc. or use this reference we have created for you!