Knitted by hand on a single bed knitting machine, with fuchsia wool, yellow acrylic, and purple mohair yarn- all obtained secondhand

Material: Fuchsia merino, purple mohair, light yellow acryllic yarn

Garment Dimensions: 36" (chest), 32" (waist), 18" (length), 21" (sleeve)

Fit: Small

Care Instruction: Hand wash in cold water with soap (shampoo is actually better) and lay it flat to dry over a towel. To speed up the drying process, roll the towel like a burrito to absorb excess water! The fabric is safe to steam or iron as well.

Created in collaboration with @NOVVAKS_KNITS Marta is a textile artist and knitwear designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She recently graduated with a BFA in Textile Design at RISD. Throughout her residency at the Textile Arts Center this year, she has created multiple knitwear pieces and had the chance to focus on creating a knitwear brand of her own. She is most inspired by people’s passion for textile making and is determined to contribute to the efforts of ending fast fashion practices.