THE SERIES was founded in 2016 by Ella Wiznia while in recovery from an eating disorder. Ella began to realize the immense negative impact seeing images of unhealthy and unrealistic bodies had on her personally, and on society as a whole. Around the same time, she began educating herself on the enormous environmental impact the fashion industry has on the planet. As a form of protest, Ella committed to exclusively wearing and working with secondhand and sustainable materials.

THE SERIES brand is centered around the exploration of mediums and materials that for centuries have been tied to traditional craft and domesticity, often overlooked and undervalued due to their association with women's work in the home. Reworking crochet blankets, quilt tops, embroidery samplers and bedding into one-of-a-kind, wearable garments is an intentional effort to give them a second life outside of the home. 

Sustainable + one of a kind

Ethically made in NY

For all bodies + all beings

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